As you guys may know, Anki has become my way of life in medical school and the main method that I am able to keep all the information that we need to know for our final exams and to be a doctor in my head. This is the anki deck that I have created with over 1300+ flash cards from various sources covering all aspects of clinical medicine from paediatrics, mental heatlh, rehumatology, cardiology and more. The great thing about medical school exams is that the question content tends to be the same across universities,  making these flashcards applicable to you if you are in your clinical years and preparing for finals. 


Please note, however, that I am constantly adding new cards everyday as I go through medical school and improving the organisation of the deck and so if you purchase this deck you will be signed up to automatically receive a free monthly email with the updated deck until I complete all the content in final year.  Since I review my cards as whole and not specifically by specialties or by school year, this is a single deck with all of the content together, however, I will continue to improve its organisation through making tags specific to each speciality if you would like to revise them by speciality and you will recieve this on the monthly update. Therefore, I would recommend this deck to those in year 4 and below and not those in their final year. 


For a tutorial on how to add the deck to your Anki:

Kenji's Anki Deck - Medicine Clinical Years (Years 3-5)