Mock Medicine Interviews

I know just how hard medicine interviews are because I've been through a few! The most important way of preparing for these interviews is to practice in a way that simulates the real thing. It really is crucial to get used to feeling what an interview feels like and the difference between receiving an offer or not can be down to how prepared you are for this.

I run personal mock MMI interviews over Skype or in person* which are tailored to you and the universities you apply for. The session consists of 1 hour of a mock interview followed by 1 hour of feedback and questions. I will also send you a document containing all the questions that I ask you and structured answers as well. You will also be guaranteed email responses within 36 hours to any questions that you might have for up to a month, giving you enough time to answer those last questions leading up to the interview. 


  • 1 mock interview: £60

  • 2 mock interviews: £114 (save 5%)

  • 3 mock interviews: £162 (save 10%)

  • 4 mock interviews: £216 (save 10%)

If you would be interested in working with me, please follow these steps:

1. Schedule a time with me by clicking this link

2. Make a Paypal payment by clicking this link.

I will then send you all the information you need to start preparing for the mock.

*In person interviews will take place in a public location around London Bridge. 


Q: What if I don't like the interview?

If you don't feel like the interview was beneficial, I'll refund you the full cost. All I ask is that you tell me why and ways in which I can improve. Just send me an email to

Q: Do I get a discount if I refer a friend?

If you refer a friend, i'll be happy to send you back 10% of the cost of your mock interview back! Send me an email ( with the details of your friend and once they book a session, I'll send it to you!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

If you change your mind about having an interview, I'm more than happy to refund you the full cost provided that you give me 48 hours notice. 


"I always enjoy watching Kenji’s videos on YouTube, so when I noticed he was doing online MMI mock sessions I messaged him as I knew it would help me gain confidence.


Kenji adapted to my universities specific MMI circuit design and gave me questions that really challenged my knowledge. I also got 1 hour of feedback, advice and general motivation.  


Speaking to a fellow student who understands the difficulties of the medicine application makes this the best service. I recommend using Kenjis MMI service as it allows you to recreate the pressured MMI scenario and finally it’s so convenient to do over skype!"

Shaz - Accepted to the University of Nottingham Graduate Entry Programme, 2019

"Starting off applying to medical school was a tough decision for me given that I had only watched Youtube videos and studied the theory of how an MMI works. Face-to-face MMI sessions with Kenji really helped me build confidence towards specific components of the MMI including the acting scenario area of the interview. 

The 2 hour session with him not only gave me enough time to answer questions in all kinds of different areas but also allowed me to get constructive feedback and further opportunities to ask questions before the session ended.

Professional tuition programmes and big companies may not know what a student is going through and using Kenji's service allows you to interact with someone who has stood in your shoes recently and allows the best most updated advice to be forwarded to you." 

David - 2019 medicine applicant. 



"Medical school interviews can be a daunting process for many students, especially if, like me, you are having your first encounter with the MMI format. When Kenji and I met, the thing that really stood out to me about his approach was that he was ready to meet me where I was. After discussing some areas that I personally found challenging, we worked together to get my confidence up before getting fully stuck in with the mock questions. This was incredibly useful because building up my confidence at the beginning meant that I was able to better tackle the pressure of a full MMI. Overall, I would highly recommend Kenji to any student who wants to do well in their medical school interviews!"

Atousa - Accepted to the University of Birmingham Graduate Entry Programme, 2019

"Having had no experience of the MMI format previously, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but the approach Kenji took in our mock interview was really helpful! I felt that the mock interview really helped prepare me for the real thing, and Kenji answered every question I could think of! I'm 100% sure that the help Kenji provided was a big part of me getting in!"

Jack - Accepted to the University of Birmingham Graduate Entry Programme, 2020

"Contacting Kenji for a mock MMI was a great decision for me as it helped me gain a lot of confidence before going into all my interviews. Kenji was professional and polite, and asked challenging questions that were suited to the medical schools of my choice while also being encouraging and motivating when giving detailed feedback. I also found it extremely useful to have a copy of the response he gave me during the mock MMI, which I could read over before an interview. I would definitely recommend doing a practice MMI with Kenji as someone who had tried previous interview courses, as his approach is more student focused, welcoming and gives you questions that are tailored to your medical schools, which is very helpful when preparing. Thank you Kenji!"

Azzra - Accepted to Leicester, Birmingham and King's College London Undergraduate Programme, 2020

"Applying to medical school isn't an easy process, and any additional advantage that one can get will always be beneficial. The mock interview I arranged with Kenji was personalised to both me and the university that I was applying for. I received feedback on the spot on how to improve my performance, such as speaking with more confidence, communicating my thoughts more clearly, and the proper approach to certain styles of questions. Overall, this experience was extremely useful and I believe it played a significant part in my successful application for medical school. I would recommend trying out at least one MMI session with Kenji to make sure that you do not have any gaps in your knowledge, and to ensure your preparation is as well-rounded as possible."

Charmaine - Accepted to King's College London Undergraduate Programme, 2020

"The mock with Kenji was great because it mirrored my real interview really well, the feedback provided after was invaluable and something which I could easily implement in the real thing. If you’re unsure whether to go ahead I would definitely recommend purchasing the mock MMI it is 100% worth the money, and probably the main reason I got the offer after only 3 days! Overall Kenji’s a great guy and helped me massively with the interview, big respect!"


Yaasir - Accepted to King's College London Undergraduate Programme, 2020


"Kenji was very welcoming and helpful. After messaging him he was able to arrange a MMI practise face to face under such short notice. The mock had definitely built my confidence, while also guiding me on points that I missed out as Kenji discussed how he would respond to certain questions. As it was one to one, the level of feedback I got was very detailed, and it helped me immensely to work on my points. As well as this, he ended up showing me a quick tour of the campus, which I was very grateful for.

This being one of my first practise mocks, I would definitely recommend for others to do the practise MMI, as I was able to understand how an interview was structured as well as discovering that it is not as scary as everyone makes it out to be."

Snegha - 2019 medicine applicant. 


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