🏥 Mock Medicine Interviews

I know just how hard medicine interviews are because I've been through a few! The most important way of preparing for these interviews is to practice in a way that simulates the real thing. It really is crucial to get used to feeling what an interview feels like and the difference between receiving an offer or not can be down to how prepared you are for this.

My team and I run personal mock MMI interviews over Zoom which are tailored to you and the universities you apply for. The session consists of 1 hour of a mock interview followed by 1 hour of feedback and questions. You will also be guaranteed email responses within 36 hours to any questions that you might have for up to a month, giving you enough time to answer those last questions leading up to the interview. 

Note: before booking a mock interview, I would recommend going through my online medicine interview course. My students who have gone over this course first before booking an interview say that they have benefited much more from the mock interview. You also get a FREE copy of my medicine interview notes with the course and 50% off mock interviews, as well as a few other things. Once you sign up to the course, you can book a mock interview below.