During preparation for my own interview I put together a set of notes which I attribute a great deal of my success in my MMI's to. Once becoming a medical student, I then digitised these notes and added different sections that I believe are relevant for medical school applicants to know. These have amounted to a 29 paged document which includes:

  • How I prepared for my interview.

  • Useful resources that I used in my preparation. 

  • Important medical principles that all applicants should know including consent, medical ethics and capacity.

  • Some common questions to prepare for and my personalised answers to these questions. Examples include "who do you want to be a doctor?","what makes a good doctor?" and "give me an example of when you have shown resilience".

  • Role play stations and scenarios and how you should approach them. 

  • Extra questions that you can practice and prepare for. 

  • The MMI stations that I had in my interviews. 

  • General tips and tricks in doing well.