Whether you're in a Biomedical Science degree or Medicine, laboratory reports are something that we all have to do at some point and these types of coursework can make up a vast majority of our module grade. Through my expereince of my Biomedical Science and Medicine degrees and also having spent many months in a lab working on my own research, I have developed high quality and standardised ways of producing first class lab reports. To help you out with your own report, here are 2 separate lab reports that I produced during my final year of my Biomed degree, both of which I achieved first classes for. One report was in the module of Cancer and Treatment and the other in Stem Cells and Development. I hope that it can give you a model of how to write and produce a good report, including what tables, figures and the content of a first class report might look like. 

Exemplar Lab Report (Biomedical Science)