There is so much information that you need to know and memorise in medical school. Therefore, I believe that it is really important to have notes that are concise which summarise all the key aspects that you need to know to save time and be efficient - nothing more and nothing less. Here are my handwritten electronic notes that I made using different sources including lectures, books and research. They are the exact notes that I used to pass and score highly during my third year of medical scool. I hope you find them as a useful addition to your own notes and hopefully you will achieve the same :) 


These are the topics covered:


  • Angiogenesis lymphatics and oedem
  • Clotting platelet activation and their measurement
  • Aspirin ADP receptor antagonists Warfarin DOACs (Anti-platelet & Anti-coagulant Drugs)
  • Imaging the coronary arteries and great vessels
  • Atherosclerosis risk factors and estimating risk
  • Blood pressure and drugs
  • Lipids and drugs
  • History of chest pain and claudication 
  • ECG Stress tests cross sectional imaging
  • Invasive angiography PCI peripheral angioplasty CABG and
  • Get with the Guidelines
  • Anatomy and diseases of the myocardium and valves
  • Diuretics beta-blockers ACE-I MRA ARNI
  • Resynchronisation and cardioversion
  • End of life care


These notes were written to my best of knowledge during medical school. Please do not use them as an alternative to your own medical curriculum or to what you have been taught.

    Medicine Year 3 Notes - Vascular Module Only